Contribute to Agile Out Loud

As an introduction, please see this post:
Brilliant People Working Together

Agile Out Loud is an open forum for contributors, no matter your beliefs or opinions on Agile software development. I welcome your input!

If you would like to be a contributor or “guest blogger”, even if only to contribute just a single article, simply accept my invitation and be welcome.

Email me and let’s see what happens!

The conditions for contributing content to Agile Out Loud are few:

  1. Contributed articles will be edited/reviewed only if you request my peer review.
    Note: All submissions will be read for appropriate content, however (NSFW, offensive language, racism, etc.)
  2. Inappropriate material, such as content NSFW or mean-spirited statements, will be rejected and permissions revoked.
  3. As an introduction to guest posts, I would like to include a short intro-bio to invite readers to discover you. This is an opt-in request, but I will ask nonetheless!
  4. Speak your mind!