The Inevitable First Post

Every blog has a first post. This is mine.

What is the meaning behind “Agile Out Loud”?

Agile Out Loud suddenly emerged when I came to appreciate the dynamic of my steady stream of thought. I feel things deeply, particularly about people and Agile, and relish in the opportunity to converse with people. In doing so, my thoughts naturally flow in conversation and listening to others provides a satisfying counterbalance for my assumptions and beliefs. Yet, when I write about my thoughts, I stare at the screen and feel enormous pressure to be intellectual, inspiring, innovative… perfect. Writing becomes a painstaking affair that languishes in neutral, as every sentence is scrutinized for self-demanded poetry that exceeds my ability.

Perhaps this is why I’ve spent years contributing to other peoples’ projects and blogs. After all, a guest blogger has no expectations for frequency of contribution. These same years spent using apathy to hide from the torture of placing letters in sequential fashion to construct words. Continue reading