Brilliant People Working Together


In sharing the message of mob programming, Woody Zuill coined a phrase: “All the brilliant people working on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and on the same computer.

Programming aside, I’ve always enjoyed this quote because it speaks to my personal career experiences thus far. In short, I don’t particularly think I’m “brilliant” or full of inspiring ideas. I’ve been able to do a few successful things here and there on my own, but they pale in comparison to what I’ve achieved with people/teams. Therefore, this post is a simple invitation to collaborate and work together by sharing our ideas… and I offer this blog space in whatever capacity might be useful!

For many years, I shied away from starting a blog or writing outlet, despite the advice from many friends and colleagues to do so. I was hesitant due to a combination of fear (“my writing is not good enough”, “I’m not smart enough”), commitment issues (“I don’t have the time”), and inexperience (“I don’t know how”). Thus, I spent those years contributing to other peoples’ blogs and outlets, allowing me to work at a comfortable pace and without pressure. If it took me months to create a simple paper, so be it!

These opportunities to contribute from generous friends gave me the experience and confidence to try maintaining an archive of writing on my own.  Therefore, I’ve added a link to the navigation bar on Agile Out Loud: “Contribute“.

Within, you’ll find a simple invitation to contribute your writings, musings, thoughts, and ideas. An open door to use this blog space and conduct your own experiments, especially if you currently harbor many of the same concerns and fears that I once did. I will be happy to add you as a contributor, give you permission to create your owns posts on the site, and I’ll leave them free of review/editing – unless you invite me to be a reviewer! I’ll also happily promote your articles through social media channels, just as I do my own posts.

From my perspective, this serves two purposes: a chance for people to practice and contribute in a safe, supportive manner… and the potential combination of multiple peoples’ ideas might enhance the experience of readers.

Of course, we could even make new friendships, too! My invitation is open and participation is entirely opt-in. Interested?

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